5 April 2018

5 of the Best Sustainable hotels in Luang Prabang Laos

Luang Prabang, the former capital of Laos and a designated UNESCO site from 1995 is popular with hoteliers and travellers.


You'll find all the big hotel brands in this area, dotted along the Mekong and Nam Kahn Rivers and mountainside. The ancient capital is also home to more than 30 Buddhist monasteries, colonial French architecture and traditional buildings and plenty of history to explore.

So if you are planning on visiting Luang Prabang, take a look at my top 5 Sustainable hotels and lodges.


1. Amantaka - Aman Hotels are effortlessly luxurious in both design and personal service. You will always find the local environments and cultures infused into each hotel guests experience. To really experience cultural immersion and participation.

At Amantaka, you can do as little or as much as you like. The luxurious hotel offers spa and wellness with chemical free products, a private Mekong River cruise, journeys to the countryside to visit a local village chief and his family and local school project.



2. Rosewood - Brand new and just opened, the Rosewood Prabang Luang is a collection of 23 luxury tented villas which is luxurious and exciting. You can indulge in spa treatments, lounge by the pool after your trek to the neighbouring waterfall. The hotels offers food tours, visit to nearby village to learn weaving skills from locals or local school sponsored by the hotel. OR even a heritage walk and learn more about the city's hidden secret from a local guide.

Whatever you decide to, you can't go passed just hanging out on the terrace of your tented villa, an eco design build inspired by traditional Lao and French colonial styles and just take in the nature and scenery.



3. Belmond - You can't go passed Belmond La Residence Phuo Vao, self described as 'A Sanctuary of serenity in the mountains of Laos'.

This hotel is luxurious in all its details, with an infusion of colonial design and local architecture. An ideal location for events, celebrations, honeymoons or simply to retreat into a mountainside setting. You can always indulge in the onsite spa offering ancient techniques based on Buddhist philosophy with locally sourced ingredients and oils to invigorate you. In fact the Belmond hotel offers a a full Body and Mind package for totally well being, including mediation while cruising the Mekong river.



4. Kamu Lodge - is a private Eco Lodge on the banks of the Mekong River in a remote valley surrounded by small villages and forests. A unique sustainable lodge immersed in rural local culture and living and dedicated to sustainability but also a balance with eco tourism.

Here you will find 20 safari tents that are rustic, sturdy and simply a place to rest at night. Here you will find solar panels powering your in room fan and lights. It's all about encouraging guests to embrace slow travel, be considerate of the surrounding nature and par take in local life and customs.



5. Hillside Nature Lifestyle Lodge - I love the mission statement on this lodge. 'It's not about window dressing. We care for our nature and the local communities. We coexist with nature that surrounds us and respect the Laotian culture.'

The lodge has a long list of Ecological contribution such as organic produce, no pesticides, organic fertiliser, plating, septic tanks and more. As well as their social contribution to employing locals, training them and providing them with hospitality skills, locally sourced supplies and construction materials and supporting a nearby school.

Here it's not about luxurious accommodation, just modest rooms for comfort and a good sleep. This lodge is all about local and cultural immersions for travellers who love to give back.



If you are planning a trip to South East Asia, I recommend a stop in Luang Prabang in Laos.

Bought to you by Dayana Brooke, Founder of The Sustainable Traveller™

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