5 Ways to Support Local Economies and Communities

5 Ways to Support Local Economies and Communities

As travellers, we visit cities, regional areas and rural communities to experience the culture, heritage, environment and wildlife. And we can Who rely on our  are many ways that it comes time to book your next trip, always remember than an experience which is good for the planet is one that is good for you too.

often get asked for my advice and tips on how a traveller can help support local economies❓

These are my 5 tips

1️⃣ visit local art galleries and museums for culture and heritage

2️⃣ local markets are super fun way to engage with the community and purchase artisan crafts, food and more

3️⃣ give a positive review online on TripAdvisor or post an image on Facebook or instagram

4️⃣ purchase responsible souvenirs that have been made locally and proceeds will go towards community projects

5️⃣ flora and fauna conservation or even a beach cleanup

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