Travel in 2030

Travel in 2030

In just 12 years time, it will be 2030.

The population is estimated to grow to 8.5 billion with 1.8 billion of us travelling.

The cost of flying would of increased with higher fuel prices.

Space travel may be commercial by then, but perhaps for only the wealthy.

The islands of the Pacific, Maldives, Phillipines, Micronesia and Seychelles will ironically become tourist hotspots in our rush to see them before they become one of 14 islands threatened by climate changes, sea level rising and melting of the polar caps.

The polar regions will become accessible land as ice sheets have been melted.

This in turn will change ocean currents, weather patterns, creating extreme cyclone activities and affecting marine life and biodiversity.

Droughts, water shortages and food production will all be affected.

Many animal species that we grew up with, would either by endangered or extinct.

All because we continued to use fossil fuels for energy and fuel in unnatural quantities.

Dug up from the depths of the earth's core and released into the atmosphere, warming up our planet.

If we experienced 'overtourism' in 2017, what will it be like in 12 years time?

What will it take to change the way you view and book travel to be sustainable?

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