Why WE all NEED to CARE about the way we travel

Why WE all NEED to CARE about the way we travel

You will always hear me say, travel is a privilege and should not be treated as a commodity. With 1.3 billion people travelling every year, we have a lot of privileged people.

I'm safe to say that almost all of you reading this are travellers, some for work, others for leisure or holidays. And travelling seems to be on everyone's list of things to do, look forward to or wish they could do more of.

I know, I'm a traveller too.

And I feel really privileged I get to travel for work but also book travel for my clients via my travel agency group The Sustainable Traveller.

But we must realise that Everything we enjoy about travelling is directly related to nature.

Nature provides us with fossil fuels used for transportation, aircrafts, cruises, trains, cars, wildlife, oceans, geology, flora and fauna, local people and cultures.

And we have known for decades what is now inevitable, that by the year 2030, the world and life as we know today, will be drastically different.

Our overuse and abuse of nature for human consumption and needs, will finally be staring us in the face, when we realise we should of done more when we had the chance.

What will you tell your 2030 self?

That you didn't care about your life or the planet we live on to make a change?

Or that you were BOLD and BRAVE and stood up to make a difference for humanity?

In business, we set goals and marketing strategies to achieve growth, sales and targets. Let's treat the next 12 years the way we do our personal and business goals and take steps to implement small simple goals to create a global movement of positive impact.

And this is why as travellers, we have the potential to create massive and positive changes for the environment through simple changes.

Choose to carbon offset, pack light, choose a meat free meal where possible, say no to all plastic items immediately, carry your own water bottle and cutlery, choose direct flights, eco hotels and cruises and travel for a purpose and reason.

Today, right now we have the power to change our future.

Choose to become a Sustainable Traveller today.


Written by Dayana Brooke, Founder of The Sustainable Traveller, a travel agency providing sustainable travel trips and experiences for corporates and leisure travellers. Dayana has 17 years booking travel and is an affiliate of Savenio and Virtuoso travel networks and advocates for sustainable tourism and veganism for the future of our planet.

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