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Etihad ‘Greenliner’ wants to make your flight sustainable

Etihad 'Greenliner' The ’Greenliner’ dubbed the ‘flying laboratory’, is a Boeing Dreamliner 787 and one of the most fuel-efficient aircraft currently available. Etihad plans to use the ‘Greenliner’ to fly, test and implement new technologies and flying methods to reduce fuel use and carbon emissions and make flying more environmentally friendly. 

5 Ways to Paperless Travel

 Dayana Brooke | Founder & Editor With our handy guide, a few mobile apps and some preparation, you will be ready and confident to travel paperless for your next trip away. Pick one tip at a time, or do them all at once and see how you go. 1. Use your smartphone We all have one (or maybe two) in our pockets when we travel, which makes the smartphone a very useful travel accessory.  They are designed to be used for everything, from phone calls and messages, emails, web, apps for travel, languages and city guides and a sophisticated camera for taking all-important photos and videos.  2. Take a Picture Photograph or take a screenshot of important travel itineraries and documents. Add them to a...