Travel Weekly AU - Closure of Maya Bay a win for sustainable tourism

Travel Weekly AU - Closure of Maya Bay a win for sustainable tourism

As word gets out on the indefinite closure of Maya Bay in the Phi Phi Islands of Thailand, I can't help but rejoice.

By Dayana Brooke

Finally, the world is taking notice of the severe damage tourism has on nature if not properly monitored or managed. Since the news broke, I have been asked to provide my expert opinion on whether this is a win for sustainable tourism.

Without a doubt, it is.

But also a massive win for humanity.

Because we must realise that without nature, we have nothing but empty lands and oceans.

This is the precedent advocates of sustainable tourism have been waiting for which will bring about positive changes we can all live and travel by.

Thailand has been bold enough to stand up and protect those who have no voice, to realise that nature and wildlife are worth more than the dollar tag we have placed on it for tourism.

When you are unwell, the best cure is to rest.

And that is exactly what the Thai government are doing with Maya Bay, giving the marine area and coral a chance to rest and rejuvenate.

And we need to do this now.

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