5 Simple Sustainable Traveller Tips

On average there are 8 million people flying per day. Imagine all the resources and carbon used to get one person from A to B.

Use these 5 Simple Sustainable Traveller tips to make your next trip much more sustainable and eco friendly.

They are;

1.Go Paperless

Use apps Tripit, Tripcae to store your itinerary and ticket. I use AXUS Companion app which is super easy and comes with a direct messenger link to me.


2. Say NO to plastics

That includes bottles, bags, cutlery, straws ... You can easily carry your own.


3. BYO refillable water bottle

There are some great brands out there with durable water bottles for everyday use and travelling.


4. Eat Local

The more local produce you eat, the less transportation and carbon used plus you support locals. Eat more plant based foods for greater sustainability.


5. Carbon offset your flights

This is actually very cost efficient and an easy to way to fly carbon neutral. Each airline has their own carbon program. If you are unsure check out Qantas Future Planet for an easy transaction.


Which will you be doing on your next trip?

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The Sustainable Traveller x

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