A few simple must haves for Sustainable Travelling

A few simple must haves for Sustainable Travelling


I wanted to share with you 5 simple must-haves I travel with, to ensure I always avoid the need for single-use plastic items. 

You should aim to travel with at least one of these items if not all of them to always be resourceful, plastic-free and sustainable.

one. Reusable stainless steel bottle and filter bottle

I carry both a Klean Kanteen for already filtered water and Water to Go which has an inbuilt filter, ideal for countries where clean drinking water may be an issue. You can read my article on other filter bottles here

two. Reusable container

I always carry one in my backpack both on the flight and during the day, to easily pack snacks from your hotel buffet breakfast or airline lounge or to be used for takeaway. I now use mine for my onboard meal while flying and no longer consume aviation food to minimise on waste, resources & better for jet lag

three. Resuable straw and cutlery

Whether you use it or not, it's always best to be prepared with your own reusable straw in either bamboo or stainless steel. And always remember to ask for no plastic straw when ordering a drink or smoothie. Grab some reusable cutlery and chopsticks to always have utensils on the go for takeaway meals

four. Foldable bag

I keep one in my day pack at all times, to carry items and avoid using single use bags whether it be at home or while travelling

five. Headphones, scarf, eye mask and socks

For me, these items will always guarantee you never have to open a plastic bag or amenities kit while flying. Invest in good quality noise canceling headphones 🎧 which help minimise my jet lag and block out the sounds passengers and plane engines. My scarf keeps me warm while flying, an eye mask to get some snooze and socks to keep your toes warm.

How many of these are you traveling with?

Dayana Brooke

Founder and Ambassador of The Sustainable Traveller™, eco-travel company

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