Top 5 Eco Friendly things to do in LA.

Top 5 Eco Friendly things to do in LA.

Everybody visits LA at some stage in their lives.

In fact in 2016, LA welcomed a record 47.3 million visitors to the Californian city and wants to welcome 50 million visitors by 2020.

That's a lot of tourists and tourism coin being spent in the city.

With millions of tourists plus the 33 million residents, California unfortunately has 6 of the top 10 most polluted cities in the US, with LA and Long Beach area amongst them.

The air pollution is the direct result of frequent warm sunny days, low rain fall, typography and increase daily actives of cars, trucks and consumerism.

Which is why in 2015, LA announced their first every road map and ‘pLAn’ to achieve a sustainable city, cleaner environment and stronger economy by 2035.

And everyone is encouraged to get involved.

So it’s never been easier to go green in LA.

Here is what you can do to visit LA as a Sustainable Traveller.

1. Take it outdoors

Use the electric Metro Rail, jump on a gas powered bus, hire a bike or hybrid electric car to get around.

Head to Audubon Centre at Debs Park for hiking trails, experience an oasis of wildlife and visit the first Platinum LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified building in the US that runs completely off the grid. If you can, make your way to Joshua Tree NP and experience unique natural landscapes and flora.

2. Stay at an eco friendly hotel in the city and in the beach towns with many who are LEED certified or have a ‘green seal’.

All the big brands are committed to sustainability, The Ritz Carlton, Hyatt, Hilton, W Hollywood, Four Seasons and more.

Check out The Shore Hotel in Santa Monica which is a Gold LEED certified hotel or our fave The Terreanea Resort on the LA coastline (for preferred rates contact us).

3. You are what you eat

The Farmer's markets is a must for locally grown and organic produce and many of LA’s restaurant offer organic wholesome produce sourced locally.

And the best way to be sustainable is to go meat free as much as you can.

Grab a bite at one of these top 10 best vegan veggie restaurants in LA

4. Head out of town to Santa Monica with everything eco friendly from restaurants, hotels, transport to the attractions.

Santa Monica has the ‘world’s coolest ferris wheel’ and the only one to be solar powered. Also checkout the Main Street for certified green cafes, design galleries, bars, restaurants and more

5. Get out and about amongst the locals and see the sights. 

Find a hotel that is within walking distance to local transport and attractions and jump on a walking tour.

Checkout LA’s conservancy walking tour which runs for 2.5 hours walking and talking all things art deco, buildings and the history of downtown LA.

Or try Urban Adventures full day tour taking you from Hollywood to Santa Monica using the electric metros and bikes to get around with a local guide.

Plus you get to meet other people as well.

So enjoy LA and don’t forget to be a sustainable traveller, go paperless, say no to plastics, carry your own refillable water bottle, eat local and carbon offset your flights from as little as AUD$37.13 return from Sydney (Qantas Future Planet)

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