29 November 2018

Wanderlust Chile

 Dayana Brooke | Founder & Editor

Chile is a country easily accessible country by major airlines and located on the west coast of South America. This itinerary can be used as a guide or in full to experience a different side of Chile, taking you to parts where tourism is genuine and authentic of customs and cultures. Ideal for any type of travelling from solo through to couples or even families.

Day 1

Arrive at Santiago and explore the surrounding area of your hotel and stay the night. Hotel options to suit all styles such as Hotel Reve, Luciano K, W Hotel, Singular and Mandarin Oriental

Day 2

Take a local guide tour with Urban Adventures for an in-depth tour of the city using public transport, walking, eating and seeing the sights through the eyes of a local. A great tour is the San Miguel urban street art, a town of Santiago that has over 50 residential blocks covered in street art. Return to the city for dinner and stay the night.

Day 3

Take in a day excursion to Valparaiso, a beach side port of Santiago only an hour and a half from the city. Hosted by Urban Adventures as well. Or perhaps a day tour to a nearby local winery.

Day 4

Transfer to the airport to take a domestic flight to Puerto Montt or Castro and spend the next 4 days on the island of Chiloe. 

From Puerto Montt, it is a 3 hour drive transfer with a ferry ride to the island. From Castro airport is around a 30-minute transfer.

Choose to stay at Ocio Territorial Hotel, a fully serviced eco-lodge with daily guide to local conservation park and palafitos, full board and meals.

Day 5

Enjoy a morning guide to nearby farm and home of local residents to understand and see how they sustain a lifestyle on the land. Followed by a drive to Bosquepiedra for an educating walk through a conservation nature reserve. 

Return to Castro for a lunch at a Palafito before returning to the hotel for a dip in the hot tub and then dinner

Day 6

Early start to nearby Tancau to see the Mercado, cultural centre and visit a local Artisan Store. Return back to Ocio by midday.

Pickup by Tierra Chiloe, only a 25 minute drive. Arrive in time for lunch and an afternoon horse ride, (and evening spa) with dinner on a private boat


Day 7

Tierra hotels can personalise any experience such as biking, water activities, hiking, scenic voyages and a spa treatment is a must. Choose one or several activities to do on the day.

Day 8

Transfer to Castro (or Puerto Montt) and fly back to Santiago. Spend the day exploring local markets, cafes, plazas and parks. Spend the night in the city before flying back the next day

Day 9

Depart or continue exploring other parts of Chile

Experience nature and visit Chile today

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