Napo Wildlife Center in Ecuador, South America

Napo Wildlife Center and Napo Cultural Center: Leave your city life behind and escape to over 2.5 million acres of lush Amazonian rainforest.

Location: Ecuador, South America

Green Hotel facts: The sustainable eco-tourism of the Napo Wildlife begins from the arrival point on the Napo river, where you’re transferred from a motorboat to a paddle-canoe that silently takes you to the Napo Wildlife Center. The paddle canoe reduces the environmental impact and helps preserve the forest and its wildlife.

They have 24/7 electricity provided by a solar panel system and silent power generators. The Napo Wildlife Center has also invested in a unique wastewater treatment system; the water used in the bathrooms and kitchen at the lodge is from the lake and it undergoes a purification process to avoid lake pollution. Drinkable water is in a water dispenser in the main hall area, from where you can take a bottle and refill it every time, thereby using as few plastic bottles and cups as possible.

The Napo Wildlife Center lodge has a library with a variety of books on conservation, among many other topics.

Style: Within the Amazonian rainforest lies Ecuador’s Yasuní National Park, which is also a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The Napo Wildlife Center is situated to the north of the Yasuní National Park, on the banks of the Napo River.

The cabins and suites at this ecolodge are built and decorated by the Indigenous Kichwa Añangu community combining local, handcrafted, and specially sourced materials. They’re they’re built on the shores of the lagoon (which gives a uniquely splendid view of the Añangucocha), and are surrounded by beautifully groomed natural gardens, making the Napo Wildlife Center the perfect place to experience the Amazonian culture, wildlife, and biodiversity.

The Napo Cultural Center, situated in the Añangu Village, is the only place you can stay inside the Yasuní National Park. The modern accommodations offered here are a gateway to the local Kichwa community. Here, you can try the traditional cuisine and partake in the community’s ancestral rites (e.g. the Guayusada Ceremony or the Kichwa Catamaran which emulates their trade routes along the river).

Suitable for: Couples, honeymooners, groups of friends, families, photography and wildlife enthusiasts.

Offers and inclusions:

Breakfast: daily buffet

Lunch: served menu (entrance, main course, dessert and soft drink).

Dinner: daily buffet including local specialties.

Access to Parrot Claylicks and Kuri Muyu Cultural Center.