Crooked Compass

Crooked Compass

Crooked Compass: Uncover the best-kept secrets of the world through boutique immersive small group tours.

Location: All over the world

Conservation facts: By highlighting offbeat places and finding new ways to explore known locations, Crooked Compass contributes to raising awareness about local life at any destination, including its flora and fauna, the diminishing nomadic tribes, indigenous people and tribes, and the endangered species.

Some of their conservation tours include:

  • Gorilla tracking in Rwanda: Where you spend time with the Gorilla Doctors, who run a mountain gorilla veterinary project.
    • As a guest, you’ll learn about their efforts and projects to help save these endangered primates (they educate the locals on anti-poaching practices as well as sustaining the fragile environment the mountain gorillas need for survival).
    • You’ll discover the Iby'Iwacu cultural village - a local community embracing eco-tourism practices and producing locally made musical instruments.
    • A donation to the Gorilla Doctors is included in the price of the tour.
  • A conservation trip to the Peruvian pat of the Amazon rainforest: Where you’ll learn to identify and implement methods to conserve Peru's biological and cultural diversity.
    • You’ll contribute to the improvement of the lives of the locals.
    • You’ll engage in projects focusing on:
      • Scientific research.
      • Environmental education.
      • Green business development.
      • Collaborative engagement with local communities, non-profits, companies, government institutions and donors
      • Educational and advocacy programs.

Style: Want to explore and stay with the nomadic Reindeer Tribes of Mongolia? Or go on a conservation trip through Namibia? Or would you like to go on a trekking tour to track the rare snow leopard through the Indian Himalayas? If these types of trips entice you, then Crooked Compass’ unique blend of tours is just right for you!

Crooked Compass is the perfectly curated boutique travel tour for those of us who want unusual and offbeat trips.

Suitable for: Couples, groups of friends, female-only groups, adventurers, culture and photography enthusiasts.


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