Italy Vegan Food Adventure with Intrepid

Hit the vegan hotspots from Venice to Rome on this unique Italian vegan food adventure 

It’s remarkable that Italy, where tradition runs so strong and deep, is where some of the world’s most progressive, innovative and exquisite vegan food experiences can be had. Join Intrepid’s very first vegan-themed trip in Europe, from Venice to Rome, and discover why Italy positively excels at vegan food.

It’s more than just the olive oil and bread, more than just the funghi and pappardelle and espresso and gelato – it’s the dedicated producers at all levels of hospitality that have taken up the movement with gusto and zero compromise, from the backstreets of Venice to the rolling hills of Tuscany.

Come and see how Italians do it better, especially when they are bucking the trends and rewriting the rules.

Start: Venice, Italy

End: Rome, Italy

Minimum age 15

Minimum group is 1, Maximum is 12

Departures Dates: Friday 5th of June 2020

Please read essential trip notes here

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