From some of the most stunning natural landscapes in Australia and the most ecologically diverse island retreats in the Pacific islands, to spa retreats in Asia and the Americas - our list of sustainable hotels is a carefully-curated collection of the most luxurious and eco-friendly hotels, resorts, and lodges around the world.
The hotels we feature are at the top-end of luxury and exclusivity, while also being serious and thoughtful about conservation. Some of the work our featured hotels do, is truly inspiring - from not allowing any heavy machinery on the island, even for the construction of the island retreat, to a resort filtering, mineralising and bottling its own water, the proceeds of which then go towards providing hundreds of thousands of people around the world with clean and safe water. All this is besides the usual recycling and responsible waste management.
Additionally, all our hotels are gorgeous properties, build responsibly in beautiful and scenic locations - which is obviously an added bonus!