Six Senses - Hotels, Resorts and Spa worldwide

Six Senses - Hotels, Resorts and Spa worldwide

Six Senses resorts, hotels and spas are your gateway to luxurious harmony with the natural environment. Sapphire lagoons, overwater villas, islands that were inhabited only by turtles for the longest time - these are just some of the things Six Senses resorts are famous for. Ideal for couples, families, groups of friends, honeymoons, as an island retreat or wellness retreat and surrounded by the most naturally stunning locations on earth and bathed in luxury, a stay at the Six Senses resorts and spas is one that you won’t easily forget!

The Six Senses resorts are set in incredibly exquisite locations (virgin territories or near UNESCO World Heritage sites) and it’s been a constant endeavour to design and build the resorts without hurting the natural world. Each property makes good use of the natural land topography.

And now Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas has taken its sustainability effort one step further with the launch of Earth Lab - a place where every Six Senses property showcases their sustainability efforts to reduce consumption, produce locally, and support communities and ecosystems. Guests are invited to visit Earth Lab to reconnect with the natural world and learn some simple life-hacks that might allow them to make a difference as well.

Six Senses has adopted a philosophy of ‘zero waste’, i.e. no waste, and all materials must have a new purpose. Earth Lab up-cycles materials into new products, along with marine conservation work, forest restoration and community development.

Some of their sustainability activities include:

  • Water is bottled on site, eliminating the transportation impacts and use of plastic water bottles. In 2017, the use of over 600,000 plastic water bottles was avoided across all Six Senses properties.
  • Alternatives to plastic straws - such as paper, bamboo, and lemongrass.
  • Natural insecticides are distilled from plants and used as an organic alternative to chemical sprays.
  • Biologically active cleaning solutions are grown in batches and used to replace chemical cleaners.
  • Food waste is composted and used to fuel their extensive organic gardens.
  • Fruits and vegetables harvested from the organic gardens provide fresh and healthy meals for the resort guests.
  • Bees are kept for honey and to pollinate local crops.
  • Glass (where recycling is not available) is crushed and upcycled into flower pots, paving stones and light fixtures.
  • Renewable energy is produced from solar and biomass.
  • Plants are harvested and oils freshly extracted for spa treatments.
  • Seeds are harvested, kept in a seed bank, and made available for guests to take and grow organic plants at home.
  • DIY videos are produced and shared online; guests can join their workshops.
  • Local community members are invited to learn and share traditional knowledge.
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