Our Founder

Dayana Brooke, Director of The Sustainable Traveller founded the company with just one aim – to change the way we travel so that we make a better impact on our environment, our lives and our planet. 

From what started as a need to change the way we travel, to creating an online marketplace and platform to ultimately a company, Dayana Brooke Founder of The Sustainable Traveller™ has seen her vision grow tremendously in the past 12 months.

After over 17 years of experience booking worldwide travel, Dayana Brooke felt the need to book travel differently. More importantly, as a committed vegan (she’s been vegetarian for 18 years), she felt the need to travel differently, and to help and encourage others to travel differently too.

Dayana Brooke, the founder of The Sustainable Traveller, is literally The Sustainable Traveller!


“There are so many amazing sustainable travel options for you to experience. So I just wanted to make it easy for you to find and book sustainable travel options.” 


From being a guest on a podcast highlighting amazing new businesses and being referred to as a niche expert on sustainable travel, to being the driving force that got The Sustainable Traveller being listed as an excellent source for sustainable hotels, Dayana is setting an example in about something she’s most passionate about.

Dayana is a passionate conservationist, committed to protecting the environment, nature, wildlife, oceans and local cultures as well as she can. The Sustainable Traveller is her way to not just talk the talk, but also walk the walk. By changing the way we travel, Dayana hopes to protect, conserve and preserve our environment and wildlife for future generations.

Connect with Dayana Brooke via LinkedIn, where she posts regularly on sustainable travel news, matters and eco inspiration.