Our standards

We have carefully selected each hotel, tour, experience or cruise on our own eco-guidelines for you to easily search, book and confidentially travel sustainably. 

1. Sustainability or Eco Policy
Is the hotel, cruise or tour operator 'green' accredited or rated by a governing body such as Earthcheck, Greenglobe, Green Keys, LEED etc?  Are there elements of eco design in the build of the property? Do they have a sustainability or environmental policy that they adhere to or being awarded for?

2. Water Use
Is water sourced naturally via a spring, bore water, rain water, reservoir, filtered and bottled in glass or a reusable container? Are there water saving initiatives in place such as water recycling for gardens and vegetation, reduced flow in shower heads and flushing toilets, encouraging guests to be water conscious as well?

3. Recycling
Is paper, aluminium, glass and other perishables sorted and recycled? Is food waste turned into new menu items, added to compost or given to local farm animals for food? Is gray water reused? Is there a no plastic policy? Are there options for guests to reuse towels, linen, water bottles etc? Are their policies in place to reduce styrofoam in packing etc?

4. Renewable Energy

Is power used generated by solar panels, Telsa battery, wind generated, renewable or green power sourced? Is there an electric car recharge station or one close by? Are there other carbon reduction initiatives?

5. Community

Are there local community initiatives, foundations and participation to encourage hotels and guests to give back? Are there are 'green' initiates such as reforestation, coral and marine wildlife protection, animal sanctuaries etc?

6 Chemical Free

Are chemical free products used for housekeeping, gardening and sanitation? Are in room amenities refillable and free of single use plastic bottles, parabens, organic and sourced locally?


7. Food Source and Waste

Is food grown onsite by the hotel, locally sourced by cruise or tour operator, chemical free, sustainably grown and offers organic options? Any beehives? Dedicated vegan menu or options? Are there reusable cutlery and non plastic straws offered when food is taken away?


8. Going Above and Beyond
We recognise our travel partners in everything they do and importantly in the role as ambassadors of sustainable travelling. 
So much goes on behind the scenes that often travellers are not aware. We want to ensure their efforts are transparent and rewarded by all of us. The travel industry is one of the biggest contributors to CO2 impacting our climate today. And many are taking great strides to pioneer policies, systems, products and touring, to make sustainable travelling the norm for planet and people.