Aqua Expeditions, Mekong and Amazon Cruising

Aqua Expeditions: Sustainably setting the new standard in small ship luxury.

Green Cruise facts: The team at Aqua Expeditions are very passionate about keeping the great rivers of the world clean and beautiful for future generations. With the Amazonia and Mekong Delta being such inherently rich natural environments, they’ve taken the role of responsible, eco-friendly tourism very seriously, in order to protect the health of the people, wildlife and the natural environments.

They’re also heavily invested in wildlife preservation and conservation. Some of their current projects include:

  • Repopulation of threatened species such as Peru’s Taricaya turtle, through release programs.
  • Supporting the Manatee Rescue Center in charge of rescuing and rehabilitating orphaned Amazon manatees.
  • Contributing to the sustainability of paiche fish by buying only from certified fish farms where they are nurtured to achieve their optimal consumption and size.

At Aqua Expeditions, they’ve also developed responsible ecotourism practices and standards, which include fuel efficiency (they use a specialized wet exhaust system on their ships’ engines to minimise the emission of CO2 and reduce their carbon footprint), waste management and the use of eco-friendly products (e.g. biodegradable cleaning products onboard their vessels), as well as community outreach.

Locations: Mekong delta (Vietnam and Cambodia), the Amazon (the Peruvian section)

Style: Luxury river cruises with modern amenities and elegance, a 1:1 guest-to-crew ratio, and a strong focus on responsible tourism.

 Suitable for: Couples, groups of friends, families.

Offering Aqua guests unique opportunities for interaction and inspiration.
Virtuoso Exclusive inclusions with The Sustainable Traveller

All Aria Amazon or Aqua Mekong guests booked with The Sustainable Traveller receive one complimentary massage on board.

  • Massage provided to adult guests only.
  • Valid for FITS (no groups or charters).
  • Not applicable for bookings through Tour Operators or other intermediaries.