Great Inca Trail

An exciting new way to experience The Great Inca Trail!!

It took 130 days and 3,200 kms of exploration from Ecaudor to Peru, for my preferred travel partner LimaTours, to come up with a new 7 day, 6-night experience of Qhapac Nan, The Great Inca Trail.

"... with a single purpose: to raise awareness about the care of the route, recognize the historical and cultural legacy of the Great Inca Trail and develop new sustainable tourism circuits with the participation of the local communities."

👉You will experience history, archeology, culture, nature and ideal for those passionate about adventures!

Grab a friend or two or even go solo, to create an amazing experience you'll remember forever.

Lima Tours has been established since 1956 and their beautiful motto is 'craft magnificent experiences in Peru, one guest at a time'

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