JungleSutra - Sustainable wildlife journeys through the Indian Subcontinent

JungleSutra: Sustainable wildlife journeys through the Indian subcontinent.  

Location: Indian Subcontinent (India, Sri Lanka, Nepal)

Style: JungleSutra is amongst India’s very few wildlife experience specialists and offers travellers the opportunity to explore the amazing and diverse wildlife and ecosystem of the Indian subcontinent.

The idea is to add an unconventional element to your travels and expeditions - by offering journeys centered on observing lesser known species (such as the Indian wild dog, the Himalayan brown bear, and the Hoolock gibbon) and the more reclusive animals in remote regions of the subcontinent (e.g. the snow leopard in the Upper Indian Himalayas), while also enjoying wildlife encounters with animals that India is most famous for, such as the Royal Bengal tiger and the Asiatic lion.


The approach is experiential and interest based, so that you’re not just going on a wildlife safari but also experiencing expert-led art and sculpture programs, as well as photography experiences that aren’t limited to photographing larger mammals but also macro, landscape and night photography.

Depending on the region you choose to explore, you’ll stay at eco-sensitive and environmentally friendly homestays and hotels, from the beautifully modest Snow Leopard Lodge in Ulley or the Grand Dragon Hotel in Leh to the lovely Habre’s Nest (a homestay built in traditional Nepali design) near the Sangalila National Park at the India-Nepal border.

Suitable for: Couples, groups of friends, wildlife and photography enthusiasts.

Green facts: JungleSutra’s focus is to showcase the natural heritage of the Indian Subcontinent in its entirety. A key aspect of their programs is to highlight this heritage by also contributing to the conservation efforts in the regions they travel. They consider the rich nature and wildlife to be the true hosts, and have ensured they respect the hosts through their wildlife journeys.

Some of Jungle Sutra’s initiatives include:

  • Canoe safaris, walking safaris, and elephant safaris in order to minimize the use of fuel-burning jeeps and other vehicles.
  • Organising programs that give back to nature as well as the local community.
  • Interactive experiences for travellers - with tribes in remote parts of the country, directed towards uplifting these tribes.
  • Ensuring minimum impact on the local environment by constructing thatched cottages in the wilderness in many regions.
  • Maintaining organic farms at some of their retreats, which offer delicious farm-to-table cuisine. The vegetable patches can be explored by guests, where they can pick their own vegetables and learn about sustainable farming and ancient farming techniques.
  • Making every effort to tread as lightly as possible on the ecosystem by managing and recycling their water, and using quieter engines or solar-powered motors.


We are ready to book your own sustainable wildlife experience with JungleSutra.