Qantas Future Planet Program

Qantas: The Sustainable Traveller’s preferred airline carrier.

Although air travel is a fast and convenient way for us to travel long distances, airplanes are some of highest sources of greenhouse gas emissions, which clearly have negative effects on our natural environment.

Qantas calculated the fuel emissions for each route they fly to help travellers offset their share by supporting projects that affect real change for the betterment of the environment.

As The Sustainable Traveller’s preferred carrier, Qantas is a natural choice because their values closely align with ours. Since 2007, Qantas Future Planet (Qantas’ flagship program for their sustainability, environmental and social initiatives), has offset over 3 million tonnes of carbon emissions, making Qantas the largest offsetter of any airline.

The Qantas Future Planet program continues to make it extremely easy for travellers to:

  • Calculate the emissions impact that their flight/s will generate.
  • Choose to protect forests, support developing communities or renewable energy.
  • Feel good and proud about doing the right thing, by contributing towards cleaning the climate and creating a sustainable future for generations to come.  

As part of this program, all Qantas passenger contributions go towards verified carbon offset projects (e.g. the carbon neutral Kangaroo Island or empowering rainforest communities in Papua New Guinea etc.) that meet strict international standards, including the Verified Carbon Standard and the Gold Standard. These projects help counter the environmental impact of aviation, and they also nourish local communities.

We carbon offset all flights booked with Qantas