Tierra Atacama, Chile

Tierra hotels: Chilean wilderness and hospitality in one seamlessly tailored experience.

Location: Chile

Style: Tierra hotels are boutique family-run lodges set in some of the most stunningly majestic landscapes of Chile - San Pedro de Atacama (Tierra Atacama), the island of Chiloé (Tierra Chiloé), and Torres del Paine National Park (Tierra Patagonia).

Tierra Atacama is built in the northern desert of Chile, with rooms that offer uninterrupted views of the Atacama desert. Clear night skies and surreal moon-like valleys ensure that your experience here is unlike anything else. From world-class hiking tours to biking and horseback riding, you can pick your adventure and have it tailor-made for you.

Suitable for: Couples, families, groups of friends, honeymooners, nature and adventure enthusiasts.

Wellness: Uma Spa at Tierra Atacama allows you to rejuvenate yourself while soaking in the energy of the Licancabur Volcano nearby. The treatments here incorporate natural ingredients from the region, such as sheep’s milk, honey and clay. You can bathe in the al fresco pool, practise yoga in the middle of the gardens, take a dip in the indoor or outdoor pools, indulge in spa therapies, facials and massages and alternative treatments using natural ingredients such as volcanic mud, lithium-rich salt and desert herbs.

Green hotel facts: Sustainability is central to the Tierra hotels, and all 3 properties have been built with locally-sourced materials:

  • Handmade adobe in Tierra Atacama.
  • The traditional shingles of Tierra Chiloé.
  • The lenga wood used in Tierra Patagonia.

Tierra Atacama is the first hotel in South America to produce solar-powered electricity that meets 100% of its daily needs. By using a hybrid photovoltaic/diesel system and by using their plant, they avoid burning more than 110.000 liters of diesel annually, reducing their carbon footprint between 320-350 tons of CO2 every year! In Tierra Atacama, water is highly valued. They reuse it to irrigate their gardens (which were planted in recovered terrain to begin with).

Other sustainability measures include:

  • Digging their own well that taps into an aquifer, which is then pumped up and treated by their reverse osmosis plant for use in the lodge.
  • Kicking off a new water project that uses a water filtration process for drinking water. This is a  three-stage advanced filtration process that turns the water into fine refreshment while retaining healthy, thirst-quenching minerals.
  • Having multifaceted beverage systems for their water dispensers - these filter, disinfect, refrigerate, and carbonate water.
  • At Atacama, they’re part of the dual education system at Likan Antai, a technical school where they’ve taken on more than 40 young people as apprentices, under the guidance of experts in the fields of tourism, electricity and agriculture.

Offers and inclusions: USD 100 resort credit per guest (Not valid in the hotel store)

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