Travelshoot is that unique experience you never knew you needed, but once you’ve heard about it and tried it, you wouldn’t want to do without!

It’s a platform that connects travellers such as yourself with trusted local photographers around the world, to help you get the most from your holiday with beautiful professional photos that will stay with you forever. It’s the perfect experience for holidays, weddings, honeymoons, maternity/newborn photo-shoots...or simply just celebrating life.

Founded by siblings Sarah and Tim, Travelshoot is available in 90 locations worldwide including Australia, and countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle-East, as well as US and Canada.

With the ultimate purpose to make your holiday stress-free and full of happy memories, the Travelshoot experience online is remarkably easy and straightforward. By giving a platform to local photographers in any given destination, the company also ensures that it contributes positively to the livelihood of those living and working in the cities where Travelshoot operates.

Choose your experience

Economy, 1 Hour, 1 Location, 20 Edited photos for AUD$399

Business, 2 Hour shoot, 3 Locations, 50 Edited photos for AUD$599

First Class, 4 Hour shoot, 4 Locations, 70 Edited photos for AUD$899

Check out our Founder Dayana Brooke's very own TravelShoot in Rome, Italy in 2017

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