Zero Waste Travel with Natural Habitat
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Zero Waste Travel with Natural Habitat

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The World's First Zero Waste Adventure - Safari America: Yellowstone Country

Natural Habitat Adventures will operate the World's First Zero Waste Adventure on the July 6-12, 2019 departure of Safari America: Yellowstone Country. 


To divert 99 percent or more of all on-trip waste produced as a byproduct of Nat Hab-sponsored trip operations.* 

•  Refuse  •  Recycle  •  Compost  •  Upcycle  •  Re-Use  • 

At the end of the trip, the group should be able to fit all waste produced into a single small container.

"Zero waste" will encompass all guest-related activities that Nat Hab manages and sponsors throughout the trip—from the moment a guest books through the airport transfer on the final day. 

Nat Hab will encourage this small group of eco-conscious travelers to focus on refusing potential waste (such as plastic straws and individually wrapped condiments) while minimizing the waste they do produce along the journey, including time spent in Nat Hab's North American Safari Trucks and lodges and camps throughout the Greater Yellowstone region.