13 April 2018

Top 5 Eco Friendly things to do in LA

 Dayana Brooke | Founder & Editor

You are likely to visit Los Angeles at least once in your lifetime. The city of angels welcomed 50 million visitors in 2018 and has all the bells and whistles to explore and delight any traveler.

However, the city struggles to cope under the strain of tourism and residents and is rated 6 out of 10 of the top most polluted cities in the US. In 2015, LA announced its first-ever road map and 'pLAn' to achieve a sustainable city, cleaner environment and stronger economy by 2035.

Here's how you can get involved.

1. Take it outdoors

Use the electric Metro Rail, jump on a gas-powered bus, hire a bike or hybrid electric car to get around.

Head to Audubon Centre at Debs Park for hiking trails, experience an oasis of wildlife and visit the first Platinum LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified building in the US that runs completely off the grid. If you can, make your way to Joshua Tree NP and experience unique natural landscapes and flora.

2. Choose an eco-friendly hotel

There are many 'green' certified LEED hotels in the city and nearby beach towns. These hotels are committed to ensuring your stay is as low impact on the environment as possible. For example, stay at The Shore Hotel in Santa Monica which is a Gold LEED-certified or The Terreanea Resort on the LA coastline (for preferred rates contact us).

3. Choose plant-based meals

LA is a hive for plant-based cafes and restaurants. Download Happy Cow app to your phone to easily search an extensive list of options. Also, make time to head to the Farmer's market for locally grown and organic produce. With so many places to choose from, it's easy to go plant-based in LA.

4. Head out of town

Santa Monica has everything eco friendly from restaurants, hotels, transport to the attractions. It is home to the ‘world’s coolest Ferris wheel’ and the only one to be solar-powered. On Main Street, you will find certified green cafes, design galleries, bars, restaurants and more

5. Get out and about

Find a hotel that is within walking distance to local transport and attractions and spend time in museums, galleries and outdoor spaces. Take a walking tour with LA’s conservancy which runs for 2.5 hours and explores all things art deco, buildings and the history of downtown LA. Urban Adventures also offer full-day tours taking you from Hollywood to Santa Monica using electric metros and bikes to get around on.

Follow these handy tips next time you are in Los Angeles and enjoy the city of angels. It's easy to be green in LA.

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